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Peachtree Audio sonaAMP

Peachtree Audio sonaAMP

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At Peachtree Audio we believe a Hi-Fi system should easily integrate
into your home and provide exceptional sound quality without costing a
fortune, weighing a ton or requiring a doctorate to use. Sona is based
on a simple concept: build a line of audio components with audio
performance similar to our highly-reviewed Grand Series, but in a
chassis that is a fraction of the size, weight and cost! Using the
latest advancements in DAC and amplification technology combined with
clever engineering, we have successfully squeezed world-class
performance into a small and highly appealing form factor that fits
almost anywhere. The new sona products aren’t just the smallest
Peachtree audio components – they are also the best sounding!
The sonaAMP is the perfect companion for the Peachtree Audio sonaDAC.
The sonaAMP features an impressive 150 watts-per-channel stereo
amplifier that easily drives any speaker with impedances as low as 2.5Ω
and as high as 16Ω! Its balanced design, wide bandwidth and low-noise
design provide exceptional sonic purity, ensuring that your loudspeakers
are driven to their full potential. The sonaAMP also features a trigger
input allowing it to be turned on/off automatically by the Peachtree
sonaDAC (or other preamps that have trigger outputs).
Welcome to the Future
The Peachtree sonaDAC and sonaAMP provide exceptional sound quality
without taking up much space, weighing a ton or costing a fortune. The
sonaDAC is equally at home on your desktop as a DAC/headphone amp
driving high-performance headphones or, coupled with the sonaAMP,
powering high-resolution bookshelf monitors or a pair of demanding
audiophile-quality floor standing loudspeakers. A Peachtree sona system
is easy to integrate into any room and is incredibly simple to operate -
so you can spend more time enjoying your music and less time fiddling
with controls. The innovative volume control bypass makes integrating
streaming devices and traditional digital components a joy. sona by
Peachtree: small, affordable and high-performance. The future of audio
separates is here today!


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Peachtree Audio sonaDAC
Peachtree Audio sonaDAC
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